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  • Development of marketing strategies
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Digital Approach

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  • Branding or rebranding
  • Other marketing assets or collaterals
  • UX/UI design &/or development

Social Media Management

  • Content Strategy and Preparation
  • SoMe Channels Management
  • Community Management


  • Internationalization Marketing Consulting Audit
  • Market Analysis & Report for Internationalization (From Finland or any Country or Origin to Specific x Chosen Target Country

Achieve Sustainable Growth for Your SaaS Company with Expert B2B Saas Growth Marketing Services

Growing your B2B SaaS company requires a comprehensive strategy that addresses the unique challenges of your industry. Our expert B2B SaaS growth marketing services are designed to help you achieve sustainable growth and maximize your revenue potential. From securing capital to streamlining operations and meeting investor expectations, our team can help you develop a growth marketing strategy that addresses all of these key areas and drives results for your business.

Growth Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing strategies focus on generating leads, but they often fall short when it comes to retaining those leads and driving long-term revenue growth. Growth marketing, on the other hand, is a comprehensive approach that involves both obtaining and retaining customers through a combination of data-driven analysis, creative decision-making, and effective marketing strategies.

By taking a growth marketing approach to your B2B SaaS company, you can achieve sustainable growth that helps you meet investor expectations and optimize revenue over the long term.


Important Key Elements of an Effective B2B SaaS Growth Marketing Campaign

Buyer Personas

According to this recent report by Forbes, the potential of embracing account-centric planning for clear-sighted selling requires understanding customer needs and centering sales around them within a framework. In many Global 2000 or Fortune 500 enterprises embracing this approach is of utmost importance.

Hence, the need to develop detailed customer personas. By conducting interviews with your best customers, you can gain valuable insights into their needs, pain points, and goals. This information can then be used to create detailed customer personas that help you target your marketing efforts more effectively.

Companies that use customer personas achieve a 71% increase in revenue and a 15% increase in customer satisfaction

To create a comprehensive customer persona, it’s essential to include a variety of key elements that provide a clear understanding of your target audience. This includes their industry, job title, and responsibilities, as well as their pain points, goals, and objectives. It’s also important to consider the expected lifetime value (LTV) of each customer, as this can help you prioritize your marketing efforts and target the most valuable prospects. With these elements in mind, your team can create a detailed customer persona that paints a full picture of your target audience and helps you develop a growth marketing strategy that truly resonates with your customers.

B2B SaaS Growth Marketing

Strategically Combining Marketing Channels for Growth

Once customer personas are properly and carefully developed, you can use that information to strategically combine marketing channels for maximum growth. This might include a combination of various channels.

Companies that use a combination of three or more marketing channels see a 90% higher customer retention rate than those that use only one or two channels.

Creating Growth Marketing Content

High-quality content is a critical component of any successful B2B SaaS growth marketing campaign. By creating content that speaks directly to the needs of your target audience, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and build trust with your customers.

Did you know that companies that prioritize content marketing achieve a conversion rate that is six times higher than those that don’t?

Setting KPIs and Measuring Success

Finally, it’s essential to set key performance indicators (KPIs) and track your campaign’s success. Companies that track their KPIs achieve 21% more profitability and are 19% more likely to be profitable in the long term.

Partnering with a Growth Marketing Agency

Executing a successful B2B SaaS growth marketing campaign requires significant resources and expertise. That’s why it’s often beneficial to partner with a growth marketing agency that specializes in B2B SaaS companies.

Our B2B SaaS growth marketing agency combines data-driven analysis, creative decision-making, and effective marketing strategies to help you achieve your growth goals. Whether you’re looking to obtain new customers or retain existing ones, we can help you develop a customized growth marketing campaign that drives sustainable growth for your business.

Saas companies that partner with a growth marketing agency achieve an average return on investment of 1300%. Let’s talk!